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PRESS RELEASE - Waynesville, OH

by admin, posted 07/25/13 20:27:57

PRESS RELEASE - Waynesville, OH

HEARTS OF FAITH, an award-winning sister duet, is excited to release to radio ~
“It’s Good to Go Home” ~ from their newest project, “Treasures.” The song was written
by Kenny Webb ~ while Kenny was waiting for a loved one to pass on into eternity. The song shares the feelings for the one going home, instead of those being left behind. And, for a child of God, it IS “good to go home.” DJs can upload the song for airplay at www.musictoradio.com.

HEARTS OF FAITH has garnered much acclaim, receiving various nominations and awards from both Southern and Country Gospel music industries. The variety of music style and that “family harmony” definitely captures the listener’s heart.

To learn more about HEARTS OF FAITH and hear their music, visit their website at:
www.heartsoffaith.biz. They also invite you to visit them on Facebook at:
“Friends of Hearts of Faith”.

Hearts of Faith

by admin, posted 01/08/13 20:25:54

Hearts of Faith

Growing up in a Christian home, church was always a part of Donna and Brenda's life. It was "normal" to be at church on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, Wednesday evenings, and each night for revival services. Their mom had sung in their church's ladies' trio for many years, so they always loved gospel music.

From 1982 to 2001, Donna and Brenda sang with their parents (then known as THE GOSPEL FOUNDATION). In 2001 parents, Bill and Eva, decided to retire from the singing stage. Donna and Brenda felt the call to continue with the ministry and completed their first recording as a duet in 2004, dedicated to their parents, entitled "Continuing the Legacy". Even though female duets are not typical for Southern Gospel, these sisters have proven themselves to be available to be used of God. Audiences everywhere are captivated by their dedication and, of course, the family harmony.

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